Saturday, November 20, 2010

The New Kid: Meet Cousin Lou Lou

She's French, she's fiesty and she's the worst disruption in Linus' life since Mommy started scooping the poop from the backyard. Lou Lou has arrived, and with an attitude all her own.

As soon as my sister's 9-week-old brindle, petite Frenchie pup was introduced to Linus (and friends) last week, it was apparent that each Frenchie is blessed with its own distinct personality. Lou Lou is confident, boistrous and an aggressor (hmm.. reminds me a bit of her mother). Linus is a hippie pacifist who shuns violence (and that's the way I raised him). Despite Lou Lou's attempts to engage Linus in puppy play, Linus shyed away from her even to the point of finding refuge in his kennel. He found quiet moments to lock his sorrowful eyes with mine, visibly exasperated, almost as if he was crying out, "Mommy, why did you let her come?"

I'll go ahead and admit it for the record: Lou Lou (named for her future home, Louisville, Ky.) is a cute and funny little girl who likes to give kisses, wrestle her toys and collapse for impromptu naps with just about anybody. She's got big sweet eyes, a true bulldog strut and an inquisitive nature about her, and I can't wait to get to know her better (and for her to settle down!). Believe me, I'm probably more excited than anyone about having another Frenchie to fawn over.

I enjoyed the puppy stage with my Linus, but I also know I've raised a wonderful dog who is obedient, intelligent and just as adorable in my eyes as he ever was. So, until little Lou Lou's puppy stage wears off, I'll be flooding Linus with all the love and treats that he can take. Just so he knows that to me, he's never old news.

 Here's some pics Lou Lou and Linus!
Picking up my sister and the puppy from the airport - Linus wouldn't acknowledge that the little squirt was even in the car.

Lou Lou and "Aunty E," as I am being called.

Plenty of pink! Lou Lou chews her first Kong.

Hard to get a good, quiet shot of that little girl!
Lou Lou with her Mom, my sister Laura Marie. Less than two weeks until these two call KY home again!

Here's me with my lovely sisters: Laura Marie and Hannah.

And let's not forget our special Linus... don't strangle him Aunt Hannah!

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